They call it a “nifty, real-deal” piece of shooting support gear. What is it? The Best Bench Mount spotting scope stand from F.W. Arms.

The Best Bench Mount attaches to a shooting bench using a heavy-duty clamp that quickly adjusts for bench surface thicknesses from 3/4 to 7-1/2 inches. Once secured in place, the Best Bench Mount adjusts to lock in the field-of-view of any target.

The scope mounting plate sets just 4 inches above the bench surface, but it can be moved in seconds to its maximum height of 13 inches. The vertical (up/down) tilt of the scope mounting plate (and scope) allows for 1,600 minutes of total elevation adjustment via the threaded tilt adjustment knob.

The F.W. Arms Best Bench Mount is precision-machined 304 stainless steel, brass alloy, and hard-coat anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, making it an “all-weather tough piece of equipment.”

An optional mast extension can be threaded into the main mast, adding 18 inches of height for offhand shooting using a shooting bench for spotting scope support.

“Together with its quick adjust heavy-duty clamp, precision adjustable spotting scope plate and near crowbar durability, F.W. Arms’ Best Bench Mount presents a real bargain to the shooter who appreciates robust and reliable precision shooting gear,” company officials said.

Quick Facts
MSRP: $249
Optional 18-inch mast extension: $32
WEB: www.fwarms.com