A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG & AG) recently hosted its 2018 AG & AG Fall Festival. Fall Fest is comprised of three shooting events: one two-day training course; a two-day, three-gun match; and a one-day pistol match, all held at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky.

“A Girl & A Gun Fall Fest is the most remarkable experience,” said Dianna Muller, professional shooter. “So much growth from the women who come to this match, for some, their first match ever!”

For 41 participants, Fall Fest was only their first or second major match. To help them navigate the stages, every squad was led by a pro and a Squad Mom, who is a traveling Range Officer (RO) that shoots with their squads, helps competitors prepare for the stages, keeps the squads on time, assists stage ROs with tasks and serves as a go-to staff member if competitors need help.

“This structure is indicative of the AG & AG culture — the stages and skills are tough, while the community is kind and supportive,” said an AG & AG official.


The Fall Fest events began with 3-Gun University presented by TROY Industries, which is two days of clinics with professional shooters. On Tuesday and Wednesday, 35 participants attended rifle sight-in, rifle positions, chrono/ballistic data, pistol skills, rifle skills and shotgun skills clinics with Tina Martin, Dianna Muller, Janna Reeves, Cindy DeSplinter, Ursula Williams, Beth Walker and Dakota Overland. These classes gave students time to work with pros to hone their skills for the match. Participants also had guided stage walk-throughs to help them develop their strategies for tackling stages in the multigun match.


The Brownells Ladies Multigun Championship was a two-day, three-gun match that took place on Friday and Saturday. Squads comprised 120 competitors and staff that shot eight challenging stages designed by Bryan Corry. The division winners were:

Open: Dianna Muller
Tac Ops: Dakota Overland
2×4: Lena Miculek
Limited: Rhonda Allen
2-Gun: Laurel Walters



The SIG SAUER Ladies Handgun Championship was a one-day, USPSA-style pistol match with eight stages that Rick VanBlaricum designed. Lena Miculek was the overall winner out of 92 competitors. The division winners were:

Production: Ashley Rheuark
Limited: Dianna Muller
PCC: Lena Miculek
Open: Cassie Beahr
Carry Optics: Denise Katz
Single Stack: Susan Maurer


Throughout the week, participants and guests were able to meet with vendors and sponsors, including SIG SAUER instructor Tina Perrone, who offered demos of the new SIG SAUER P365 pistol and 365 ammunition, and  GLOCK’s Phillip Goldsmith, who led individuals through a GSSF course of fire with the new GLOCK 45

Story and photo courtesy of A Girl & A Gun