A Look at the Gen 2 Balios Lite Gen 2 Pistol

It is hard to disagree.

2A Armament said the Balios Lite Gen 2 pistol “is likely among the coolest modern firearms you will ever see.”

Here’s what it features: Both the lower and upper receivers are CNC machined 7075-T6 billet, “customized to the most minute details,” said a company official. The lower has a flared mag-well and a rear tension screw and a takedown spring retainer. The upper has M-4 feed ramps and a retained port door. The type-III anodized finish creates a “slick and durable finish.”

2A uses a bolt and mass carrier with 8620 machined steel through a QPQ process and a 9310 machined bolt.

“The pistol is smooth on every round, and it balances well,” they said.

Here’s a little about performance.

“The Gen 2 Balios Lite is built to deliver a tactical advantage in close- and mid-range contact,” they said. “The design is exceptionally lightweight, smooth and it turns on a dime. If you require quick decision making and maximum control, this AR-pistol platform is a winner. The low recoil increases accuracy, and the overall feel is light, stable and easy to control.”


Today could be a good day to go shopping.

(Courtesy of 2A)