It starts the moment you swing your legs out of bed. It creeps into your mind, locks on and won’t let go. Driven by an insatiable appetite to improve your shooting skills, you can virtually think of nothing else. It gnaws at you every single day. To help you on your path, we’re going to connect with some of the top shooters in the industry. Our second installment features Shane Coley, the captain of Team GLOCK.

One method shooters can use to improve their shooting skills is dry firing. It costs nothing and reinforces the basic fundamentals of all shooting skills from grip and stance, sight alignment and trigger control, draws, reloads and transitions. Obviously, nothing can replace live fire, but dry fire is something everyone can do.


Begin with proper sight alignment and trigger control during your dry-fire sessions. Make sure the front sight is aligned in the rear sight with equal height and equal light. When squeezing the trigger, you are applying equal pressure throughout, and only using the first pad of your finger. From here, we can move into draws, working on presentation to our targets and acquiring the front sight as quickly as possible. Then, we can begin to incorporate reloads and transitions. This is for reinforcing the fundamentals, so always keep that in mind and ensure that your techniques are always the same.

During dry-fire drills, we build our subconscious mind so when we do need these skills, they have already been memorized, and we are able to act with precision from constant training.


A Shooter’s “Scorecard”

In 2006, at the age of 15, Shane Coley started his shooting career under the direction of his father, Rock Coley, a retired police officer.

2  In 2009, he enlisted in the U.S. Army to be a member of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit as a part of the Action Shooting Team.


In 2012, Coley became the second-youngest USPSA National Champion. He also won two more national titles, and led the Men’s World Shoot Team to another Gold medal in the 2014 IPSC World Championship.

Train with Shane

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Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the September 2016 print issue of World Of Firepower Magazine.